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Alternative Health Care Sonoma

Welcome to Alternative Health Care Sonoma
At Alternative Health Care Sonoma, we take personal good health very seriously - and we have a variety of ways to help you heal, so you can be as healthy as you can be. Gentle Yoga practice for adults and seniors, several massage services (Reiki, Healing Bodywork, Aromatherapy) and personal insights through Hand Analysis. We also have a peaceful, relaxing Retreat Space available (near Sonoma's lovely wine country) so you can be proactive in your health and get away from it all and truly reconnect with your inner health and guidance.

Restore Your Good Health

Theraputic massage - Reiki - Body wraps, salt scrubs, hot stones

Traditional Hatha Yoga - Breema Shiatsu - Joint mobilization

Connect with your peacful inner self - Develop your practice

Private Or Group Instruction Available
20 years serving Sonoma - Free Consultations

Don't wait another minute before you take care of yourself.
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Serving California's Wine Country
(Sonoma, Glen Ellen, Kenwood & Santa Rosa)
and vacationers from around the world!

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