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Alternative Health Care Links
As we go through life we find teachers and resources we love and want to share. Below are ours.

Integral Yoga Institute
Offering classical Hatha Yoga instruction in daily Yoga classes and Yoga Instructor training. View Yoga Class Schedule to see what yoga classes are offered today. Free meditations, kirtans (chanting), and a variety of special yoga workshops and events also available.

Plush Chiropractic
Holistic Family Health Care in Sonoma - Gentle low-force Chiropractic - Comprehensive protocols - Posture Analysis - Pre & Post Natal care - Exercise Therapy - Cold Laser - Massage Insurance / Medicare welcome Office Hours: T,W,F by appointment (The web site is currently under construction, so I linked to their Facebook page)

Sonoma Ashram
Our Ashram in Sonoma, California offers regular yoga classes, meditation classes and spiritual retreats. The main focus of the ashram is to introduce a daily practice in the lives of the seekers and inspire them to live a life of service. Ancient teachings of siddhas are presented in a practical language that can be practiced by all.

Talia Rose
Harpist ~ Songstress ~ Soundhealer ~ Storyteller
"I intend to make the magic of the living earth accessible to everyone who listens. My prayer is to restore balance, hope and faith in who humanity can be when we are in balance with the true power of creation."

Planetary Calendars
These great little calendars are fun and full of astrological and astronomical information for all levels of expertise. Personal astrological consultations done via email on a donation basis, by publisher, Carole Cherry.

Drug Dangers
Drug Dangers is committed to providing the latest information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications.


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