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Gentle Hatha Yoga for Adults and Seniors
As we get older, it is easy to stay flexible with Yoga - gentle yoga can increase your flexibility and help your overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being or good health.

Everyone is unique and special - let's create a Yoga Practice to meet your personal life needs. We currently offer private lessons in the Sonoma, Kenwood, Glen Ellen and Santa Rosa areas. We also offer yoga therapy, which is combining yoga with massage, self massage is Yoga. 

Please contact us to learn more about our programs for adults and seniors - in your location or at a group location. You'll be glad you did!

The key to a happy long life is flexibility of body and mind.

Imagine feeling better... Give yourself 6 weeks to explore and feel the many benefits of a personal Yoga practice. With an in depth look at the  many benefits of Sun Salutations a series of 12 poses that helps to strengthen and tone all systems of the body.  You will be able to develop a strong foundation for a home practice. 

We also offer Yoga for children and the whole family through our
Children's Yoga Center. Please click for more information.

About Yoga
Yoga is over 4000 years old and offers opportunity for growth on many levels.  With today's busy lifestyles it is more important than ever to have a personal practice. It is a privilege to be able to share these teachings and inspiring when you can see the growth in others or yourself.

Yoga is much more than just physical exercise. Yoga is a non-competitive exercise that incorporates breathing exercises as well as diet and emotional good health. What you think and how you behave is also an important part of Yoga. Yoga addresses the whole person. With Yoga you can regain your strength and vitality. It helps  by giving us the tools we need to develop healthy habits and healthy lifestyles.

More and more, the medical community is endorsing the health benefits of Yoga for such conditions as heart disease, arthritis, high and low blood pressure and stress, and many others.  Check out this video from Dean Ornish and his Therapuetic Yoga Program about Medicare covering Yoga for heart disease.

Our goal at Alternative Healthcare Sonoma is to offer Yoga as a stretching and breathing practice designed to each persons need. The Art and Science of Yoga has many health benefits to people of all ages.  It's for everybody regardless of ethnic and financial backgrounds.  Our vision is to create and inspire Adult Yoga Programs. We also offer special assistance to people with special needs and their caregivers.

About Rochelle Hanlon RYT500
Rochelle is a graduate of the Integral Yoga Institute in San Francisco. She was born in Buffalo, New York and moved to California in 1977, where she has been a part of the Sonoma Valley Community for the last thirty years. A Holistic Body-worker for 25 years. Yoga was the next logical step. Rochelle (Shelly) first started her studies of the subtle Yoga practices at the Sonoma Ashram. Hatha Yoga - Asanas and Pranayama (breathing exercises to increase lung capacity) with Dr. Edoardo Beato on his visits from Italy. 
By using the principles of  Accessible Yoga, yoga really is for every body.

Please contact Rochelle Hanlon to discuss a yoga program that is right for you.
(707) 938-0160